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Promoting Healing and Hope Through Natural Medicine

Acupuncturist PortlandIt’s not everyone who goes looking for help from a practitioner using holistic medicine.  Whether your body is aching, your mind is frazzled, or your heart just feels like there’s a disconnect somewhere, you will discover an important truth: It’s all connected.

It’s likely that you’ve heard the same recommendations from western medicine doctors over and over. Take this pill; try to reduce your stress levels; let’s run some more blood tests; let’s schedule an appointment with a therapist. Maybe nothing’s coming up abnormal, or maybe you’ve gotten an alarming diagnosis. Either way, you know it’s time to really start taking care of yourself like never before.

You are much more than the sum of your parts, far more than a set of symptoms that need treatment. You are a glorious being in progress, deserving of the help and healing you need to become your very best Self.


Driven by a Passion to Use Holistic Medicine to Help People

Aiden Seraphim learned early on that his deep desire to help others was a little different. From a young age, when he saw people suffering, he recognized that even the most heartbreaking circumstances could be transformed with a generous dose of hope and healing.

It was this desire to help people become whole that first drew him to study at Evergreen State College for a bachelor’s degree in Multicultural Counseling.  From there he worked with homeless youth struggling with a host of traumas and addictions, and while they responded well to his gentle and compassionate presence, he realized they needed more. They needed a modality that could bring healing to them as whole people, something that could help them mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually all at once.

At about that time, Aiden had a profound personal experience with acupuncture. Through this experience, he saw the power of this modality to access and touch him at the deepest levels. It was then that he knew he wanted to learn how to become a  Chinese Medicine Practitioner.


Time to Choose Where to Study Chinese Medicine

Aiden chose Classical Chinese Medicine at The National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, graduating with high honors and a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. He participated in internships all over the Portland area, working with clients who suffered every physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenge imaginable. He also had the privilege of being part of both ends of the circle of life by working with expectant moms going through labor and even some patients facing the very end of their lives. What he found throughout all of this training is that the healing journey is deeply personal, and that the tools he’d learned through his Holistic Medicine training truly made a difference.


As one of Aiden’s clients, you’ll benefit from his love of learning. He participates in continuing education, so he’s always on top of developments in the world of Holistic Medicine. He completed a year long Master Healer program focusing on Five Element theory and essential oils in healing trauma and mental/emotional challenges in 2017. He has undergone extensive nutritional training using a whole food plant based approach. Aiden spent years practicing and learning meditation as well as shamanic healing techniques and energy healing approaches.

His thirst for understanding and passion for healing also spur his commitment to personal growth. While not working with his clients, you might find him meditating, participating in a spiritual community, attending meditation retreats, traveling the world, enjoying nature, and cooking healthy food.


How Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Help You?

Perhaps your body’s not working the way you’d like it to right now, or maybe you’ve experienced trauma that’s being stored in your body. If you’re open to deep healing, to experiencing a transformative experience that addresses your body, mind, and spirit all at the same time, this could be the answer you’ve been seeking. | Read more about the benefits of Chinese Medicine.

Click or call 978-701-5125 to schedule an appointment now. You’ll love how you feel under Aiden Seraphim’s care, and we can take this next step in your healing journey together.


“Aiden is truly a healer. He is a kind and gentle soul who puts you at ease during your path to wellness. The powers of acupuncture is amazing. Aiden was able to help me feel worlds better after cancer treatment. I found a lot of value in his whole body approach, his recommendations for diet and lifestyle change Really Made a big difference along side my acupuncture.” -Emily Dexter