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Quiet the Mind

Yin Tang – Hall of Impression: I see so many people suffering from anxiety and struggling to slow down and quiet their minds. This point does wonders and you can even benefit from using it at home! Place a small drop of lavender on your fingertip and then gently hold your finder over this point […]

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Neuro-emotional Technique

Our issues are in our tissues. Neuro-emotional technique is a powerful modality that I use to help people release traumatic/stressful memories from their physiology. If you are not dealing with the underlying emotional energetics of an issue making a true shift becomes nearly impossible. It will feel like taking two steps forward and three steps […]

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Geranium Essential Oil

I love using and recommending geranium essential oil for patients struggling with addictions based in a lack of self-love and acceptance. For this, place a little of the oil on the insole of each foot and put on a pair of socks before bed.  Geranium can also be great for alleviating menstrual cramps. Place a […]

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The Medicine of Unconditional Love and Personal Responsibility

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Before I started learning how to love myself, self-care was very difficult for me. I couldn’t even seem to manage the simple things like drinking enough water, brushing my teeth at least once a day, showering regularly and making sure I got enough sleep every night. I knew these things were good for me but […]

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Essential Oils and Acupressure For Stress Management

We are living in uncertain and challenging times. You don’t have to look far to find news about fear, violence, and heartbreak. It is hard to not feel deeply affected by all of this. So many of us are suffering from anxiety, anger, depression, chronic stress and nervous systems that are frazzled and frayed. We […]

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Healing the Heart – Practices For Difficult Times

It’s human nature to react in horror, anger, and despair to traumatic events. It’s your divine nature to respond in peace, calm and Love. Own them both and then choose which one you will empower ~ Julia Rogers Hamrick We are hardwired for survival. Biologically our nervous system functions to alert us to danger and […]

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Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies

Allergic rhinitis affects 1 in 6 Americans. If you are one of these then you are no stranger to the uncomfortable and persistent stuffy, drippy and itchy symptoms that come along with seasonal allergies. Western (allopathic) medicine tends to rely on relieving the uncomfortable symptoms of allergy sufferers with the use of medications. While these medications can provide […]

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