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The Hidden Meaning of Our Emotions

How do you respond in the face of uncertainty? What emotions come up for you when life doesn’t seem to be going your way? For many of us, these things can send us into a tailspin of emotions like fear, anxiety, worry, disappointment, and frustration. These emotions are natural but they often become overwhelming and […]

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The Practice of Surrender

The struggle is real when we resist the process unfolding in our lives. There is something infinitely wise working its magic behind the scenes. Most of the time we find ourselves disconnected from this, caught in a battle within our own mind and body. I think this comes from wanting things our way. Wanting things […]

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Growing Through Our Mistakes

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  Growth and change are not always pretty Growth can often be a painful, slow and tedious process. Our mistakes are usually what motivate us to change our ways. Often they are fuel for our growth. For many reasons, most of us learn through pain. Partly this is evolutionary, the way our brains have been […]

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Unconditional Love and the Grace of Fall

Have you ever repeated the same mistake or painful behavior over and over again before you were ready to change? It’s easy to be hard on ourselves or to collapse under feelings of disappointment, failure and self-judgment during these times. Maybe you are experiencing some of these emotions right now? Maybe you are not living […]

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