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Ease Anxiety and Stress With Essential Oils

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In times of heightened stress, it can be difficult to manage feelings of uncertainty, Essential oils are wonderful allies that can support us during these times. When they are used on acupressure points they have the added bonus of targeting specific processes in the body. In this blog post, I will share some of the […]

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Quiet the Mind

Yin Tang – Hall of Impression: I see so many people suffering from anxiety and struggling to slow down and quiet their minds. This point does wonders and you can even benefit from using it at home! Place a small drop of lavender on your fingertip and then gently hold your finder over this point […]

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Geranium Essential Oil

I love using and recommending geranium essential oil for patients struggling with addictions based in a lack of self-love and acceptance. For this, place a little of the oil on the insole of each foot and put on a pair of socks before bed.  Geranium can also be great for alleviating menstrual cramps. Place a […]

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Essential Oils and Acupressure For Stress Management

We are living in uncertain and challenging times. You don’t have to look far to find news about fear, violence, and heartbreak. It is hard to not feel deeply affected by all of this. So many of us are suffering from anxiety, anger, depression, chronic stress and nervous systems that are frazzled and frayed. We […]

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