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Holistic Health Practitioner in Costa Mesa, California


Are you tired of feeling sick, stressed, and worn out Have you realized that just bandaging symptoms isn’t working? Our bodies and lives are filled with unlimited potential to learn, grow, and heal… but only when we begin to prioritize our own wellness. A holistic health practitioner can help.

If you understand how important it is to take care of yourself, you can transform your entire life. Your body, mind, and spirit are all connected, and health comes from caring for yourself as a whole person. All you need is someone to help you make these connections, release the blockages holding you back, and then you can flow with the joyful, healthy life you were always meant to have.

In a state of health, your energy or Qi and blood flows through your body’s meridians to nourish your organs and tissues. When blockages are preventing that natural flow, disease and discomfort are the result.

Are You Really Living? Or Are You Suffering?

Maybe you’ve been suffering from chronic health issues, headaches, and pain pain in your lower back, hips and legs . Maybe you’ve been suffering for months, even years and have begun to feel like you’re not living your purpose. Maybe you’ve got a vague sense of unhappiness, and suspect that somehow your body and mind are both in a downward spiral toward more of the same.

At Heart Centered Transformational Wellness in Costa Mesa, California, helping you step into your highest Self is our mission. Through a full range of natural medicine modalities, reconnecting with yourself, enjoying your relationships, finding purpose in your life, and learning how to nourish and care for your body is possible. We’ll work together to help you access your deepest Self, restore balance and harmony, and bring about the healing your body has been screaming out for all this time.

Your Creative Potential Is Waiting

Holistic Health Practitioner PortlandYou were meant to be gloriously alive, living in your purpose and free from the clanging voices of doubt and doom that cloud your heart and mind. In a state of optimum natural health and wholeness, physical symptoms have no foothold, no room to grow in you.

Everything is always in a state of flux and unimaginable possibility. Chinese Medicine really captures the heart of this and creates the opportunity to provide care unique to an individual and treat the root of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.

We live in a world that can be harsh, and our culture contributes to the sense of disconnection we have with ourselves. We’ve grown uncomfortable with our emotions, and to deal with that discomfort we often choose to distract ourselves rather than being present with what’s happening.

Reconnecting with your own heart and body will help you to bring forth your highest Self… that person who’s always been there, but who maybe you have forgotten.

Here you’ll find patient, gentle compassionate care. You’ll discover the joy and peace that flow through an environment designed to be warm, uplifting and comfortable. From your very first visit, holistic health practitioner Aiden Seraphim’s calm and gentle manner will help you feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe. You’ll get the time you need and never feel like you’re on your own on your journey toward healing.

Today is the very best day to take your first steps toward the whole, healthy, happy you that’s been hidden away deep inside for too long.

Click or call the Heart Center Transformational Acupuncture at 978-701-5125 today to schedule an appointment. You’ll find all you need to be healthy and whole, joyful and free, and it will utterly transform your life.

“Aiden Seraphim is amazing. I go to him to help heal all the places in my body that feel broken, but each time he brings me to the root of the issue, so I can begin to heal the old patterns that keep re-creating the pain. In his gentle, compassionate way he opens doors so we can heal ourselves. His space is warm and welcoming and the essential oils he uses add a another level of healing. Set up an appointment! You will be so happy you did!”       – Donna Bonin