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NET Master Chart

Neuro Emotional Technique or NET is a modality that allows us to release emotions (bio-chemical precesses) that have become trapped within our body. These can lead to chronic stress, anxiety, and pain conditions, as well as more severe conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

Your emotions have a natural cycle they go through. Much like inflammation they can generally be moved through and processed in a fairly short period of time when they are acknowledged and honored. However we tend to suppress, avoid, deny and create stories around our emotional experiences. This interferes with their natural cycle and causes them to become trapped.

NET helps you to identify the meridian that has been impacted by the emotion and the specific emotion involved. It allows you a pathway for that emotion to be released. NET is not talk therapy but it can help you to quickly get to the root of difficult experiences and pinpoint quickly where it is you can let go. Once you release an emotion it can free you to have a deeper more easeful relationship with yourself and others!

NET Meridian Pulses