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Often the best way to discover if a practitioner may be a good fit for you is through testimonials left by others who have had a positive experience. Read below to learn more about some of my successful patient experiences.

“I have been coming to see Dr. Aiden for a year now. Our work together has been super awesome and has helped me in a lot of ways. I found Aiden because he practices a technique that helps specifically to deal with stress. When I first came to him, we worked on my stress around work and business, and I started feeling the results right away. I would come away from my sessions with Aiden feeling like things were not a big deal as much as I had thought, and that everything was going to be fine and fall into place. Over the months that I have been seeing Aiden, I always look forward to coming! I feel like Aiden creates a safe space for me to relax, speak my mind, and my body feels so light when I leave. I have recommended a few people to come and get it taken care of by Aiden, and they all have also enjoyed his care as well. He approaches health in a very holistic way, addressing any lifestyle imbalances, stress, nutritional imbalances, as well as acupuncture on the physical side. I just feel like Aiden is so much more than an acupuncturist and is able to make a profound impact in peoples lives since he comes from such an open mind.”

-Dr. Monica Scott

“I’ve done acupuncture with several people and I must say that Aiden is one of the best. He heals not only your physical body, also your negative emotions that are stuck in your mind & body that are the cause of most illnesses. He is very knowledgeable and uses a lot of different techniques. I’ve been visiting him for a few months now and every treatment is special and unique. After every session, he cleans the energy of the room, that is super important and no many acupuncturists do that. He is super friendly and approachable. I reach him out by phone whenever I have questions and he is always there for me. I highly recommend him!!!”

-Alba Haya

“Aiden is truly gifted with the ability to understand his patients’s underlying issues and immediately apply a healing strategy. I appreciate his approach to acupuncture – he explains what he is treating and how the treatment will aid the body’s natural healing process. Combining acupuncture with NET, I have made more progress toward my goals in a few months compared to years with multiple practitioners. I recommend him to anyone who is ready for healing!”

-Dana Harper

“I started going to see Aiden for my shoulder. I went in for my shoulder and left my first visit not feeling some relief of discomfort, but with relief of so many other things emotionally that contributed to how I had been feeling physically otherwise. Though i still see him now for my ankle and knees, in parallel to helping me heal injuries, he has helped me with me. Anywhere from sleep habits, to relaxation, with stress and everyday nuances that take can take a toll He just knows what to do.”
-Lety Gaumer

“Aiden has helped me in so many capacities since I have been going to him. I have been seeing him for over a year and I highly recommend. Not only is he thorough and knowledgeable, he is also great with accountability and action plans in between sessions. I would one day like to only use homeopathic and alternative remedies for my aches, pains, meds, conditions etc and Aiden has really helped me to understand my body, what it needs and how I can best care for my mental health and overall well-being! Please check him out, he will change your life!”

-Robyn Wernberg

“I cannot speak highly enough of Aiden’s work as an acupuncturist and a healer who addresses the whole person. I am generally healthy, but after two months of serious issues that were treated only superficially by my MD, I sought a place where I would be seen as a person not a set of symptoms. The in-depth first visit with Aiden made it clear that I had found the right place. Through listening and intuitive intelligence, Aiden worked with me to create a plan toward healthy living that encompasses nutrition, sleep, pain, and illness. After two sessions, my primary symptoms were relieved (including sciatica). I am grateful for having found this transformational place, and person, to help me be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. As another reviewer said: “Set up an appointment! You will be so happy you did!”

-Sara Quay

Beyond grateful for the rapid healing Aiden has been providing. I was a mess when I came in and was in serious back and neck pain. After the first visit, I felt so much better. With each session, I am getting better and better. He knows his stuff and I cannot recommend him enough!

-Brad Axelrad

“I will start by sharing that I have had a misconception of what acupuncture was and how it worked. I explained my fears, and my apprehensions when I came in. Right away during the first session, Aiden put me at ease. I have been seeing Aiden for nearly 2 years since. I see Aiden multiple times per month. My first visit was to help my shoulder. I felt improvement on my shoulder in our first session. Since then Aiden has taught me so much about the immune system, nutrition, how to manage my stress, and has managed to help keep me healthy through my intense Obstacle Course Race Training and Trail Running. I believe firmly that these sessions with Aiden have lead to some of my bigger victories in racing. I feel like I get a whole body and brain tune up every time I go in. My treatments with Aiden have become a staple of my healing. I highly recommend Aiden to my friends and family, and all my personal training clients. Don’t wait until you HAVE to go see someone like Aiden, take care of yourself proactively and book an appointment.”

-Josh Graves

“Aiden is so amazing! Instantly I felt so comfortable talking about anything and he just understands the body so well and what it needs to heal and just the overall connection throughout your body. Acupuncture is truly wonderful!”

Devin Broderick

“Aiden is amazing. I originally went to him for hot flashes which we we were able to get resolved but have since worked on so many other things… everything from joint pain to gallbladder issues to immune support. His approach to health and wellness is so much more than just acupuncture. I will be going to Aiden for a long time to come!”

-Tami Broderick

“Aiden Seraphim is amazing. I go to him to help heal all the places in my body that feel broken, but each time he brings me to the root of the issue, so I can begin to heal the old patterns that keep re-creating the pain. In his gentle, compassionate way he opens doors so we can heal ourselves. His space is warm and welcoming and the essential oils he uses add a another level of healing. Set up an appointment! You will be so happy you did!”
– Donna Bonin

“I first saw Aiden because I was on day 6 of a migraine and nothing was helping the pain. After that first visit my migraine that was at an 8 out of 10 when I arrived was at a 3 when I left. I have continues to see Aiden regularly over the last 8 weeks and my migraines went from 3-4 times a month and lasting 4-6 days to 1 time and lasted 2 days. He has also helped me with emotional stuff, back pain, menstrual cramps and more. I highly recommend Aiden if you are looking for acupuncture, cupping, holistic healing. He is kind, really listens and is very helpful across the board.”

-Nicole P.

“Aiden has been an integral part of my healing process from many years of chronic pain and migraines. I would highly recommend going to see him. He’s a sincere, wonderful person and great at what he does. I had tried acupuncture briefly 10 years ago with no improvement. This experience has been completely different. Overall I feel better, have fewer migraines, better digestion, and a better mood. With no negative side effects!”

– Diana Faust

“Aiden is truly a healer. He is a kind and gentle soul who puts you at ease during your path to wellness. The powers of acupuncture is amazing. Aiden was able to help me feel worlds better after cancer treatment. I found a lot of value in his whole body approach, his recommendations for diet and lifestyle change Really Made a big difference along side my acupuncture.”

-Emily Dexter

I began seeing Aiden after taking a group meditation workshop with him. After learning that the simplest form of meditation is just to breathe, I felt that I could be enlightened with more knowledge in a one-on-one session, so I made my first appointment. Every time I see Aiden I feel better; both physically and emotionally. We worked on my intestinal issues and determined I have leaky gut syndrome. This seemed daunting at first but Aiden was able to guide me week to week with simple dietary changes and he even helped me with belly bloating and stress reduction. I’m so happy I found Heart Center Acupuncture. I would say to anyone on the fence about seeking holistic help, to just try it. Adjunct therapies are not only helpful physically, they are great for your mind, body, and spirit

– Liz Higgins

“Seeing Aiden at Heart Center Acupuncture has truly been a gift. Aiden is not only talented and knowledgeable, he is warm, caring, and centering. His presence is unlike that of most practitioners I’ve met. I always look forward to my sessions with him, and just being around him. With Heart Center Acupuncture, you will really find the root cause of any physical or emotional ailment and begin a healing process both on and off the table. I personally see Aiden for my lymphedema as well as to help manage my energy levels. As someone who is constantly busy and running around, taking an hour out of the week to be present with Aiden has been, in itself, incredibly healing. I highly recommend trying a session at Heart Center Acupuncture and being open to the process. You won’t regret it.”

– Nancy Higgins

“Aiden is the absolute best! His focus on practicing positivity, openness and gratitude has truly made an impact on my life. I look forward to each of my visits as I know that I always leave in a better place…physically, mentally and emotionally. I honestly can’t thank him enough for all that he does!”
-Allison Govoni

“Aiden is a healer. When I met him I had chronic digestive problems including diverticulitis and IBS. Since I started with his practice i have had much better digestion and no infections.I have begun sleeping better,eating better and have less back and neck pain. Two of my doctors have stopped scheduling rotating appointments with me as they recognize than acupuncture and alternative treatments are working better for me than all those drugs! Aiden is just what I needed to feel healthy again!”

-Carol Robertson

“Aiden goes above and beyond with me at each and every appointment. He is gentle and listens with great compassion. In just a few short sessions, I can see how he is helping to unravel that which is causing the pain and discomfort. He is by far one of the best wellness practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I highly recommend him to anyone.”

-Alethea Bonin Copelas

“Aiden has helped me through anxiety, lupus and severe leg and back pain. I am able to function as a normal human being after my treatments. I would recommend Aiden for anyone who is having any issues with anxiety and difficult emotions that lead to physical problems. He has truly helped me become a better person. Check it out, your life will get better!”

-Norri Schmidt Hanbrecht

“When I started my whole leg was swollen. My ankle and knee ached and mobility was compromised; shoulder muscles were aching due to injury. In four sessions my shoulder mobility is 100%. Swelling in my leg is down with a tiny amount around my ankle bone. A MIRACLE! I am thrilled and very highly recommend Aidan Seraphim. He is a knowledgeable, gifted and caring healer. I was lucky to find him. ” Call him, he is FAnTASTIC!!!”
– Mary Van Abs

“If your life needs a game-changer, I would recommend that you schedule an appointment with Aiden Seraphim. While I had no chronic pain or illness, I was curious about acupuncture and its impact on overall wellness. This is now a regular part of my self-care . Aiden’s ability to understand and treat the whole person is nothing short of amazing. Aiden—thank you so much for all of your gifts (time, intuition, healing, caring, knowledge, understanding, resources, etc.)….I’m so grateful. xoxo”

-Barb Cullen

Aiden has magic hands and a genuine caring heart. Through acupuncture he has relieved the pain in my right hip due to a torn labrum. I am back skiing, golfing and coaching my daughters sports teams…Aiden Rocks!

– Noreen Trudel

“Aiden has been great at helping me “get focused” in life, with my emotional feelings, health, and well-being. He has helped educate me with healthy choices, especially with daily supplements. He has been very helpful during each session and is very considerate. I would highly recommend!”

– Mike Ramsey

Aiden is an amazing healer! I was scheduled for an L5-S1 microdiscectomy after rupturing the disc, but thanks to Aiden, I decided to cancel the surgery! Not only have my symptoms of complete right-sided numbness disappeared, but my acid reflex has completely disappeared as well! Acupuncture has the added benefit of giving one an overall sense of peace! Aiden is a wonderful nurturing soul who has been placed on this earth to do exactly what he’s doing!

-Lynn Reardon

“Without even knowing it Heart Center Transformational Acupuncture has set in motion my own personal journey to come upon a balance I was missing. My visit to Aiden was initiated because of a chronic aching knee. However, his compassion and genuine approach to every visit revealed more; my need to find ways to balance the power of my own energy. It is amazing what this body can do with a bit of guidance! Take the time to meet Aiden. It is like giving yourself a present that you can open up and use every day!”

-Alicia Zampitella

“Aiden is one of the most understanding + honest beings. He reminds you of your own light + healing. He greets you with much compassion + love. Aiden cares to get to know you and together create a space for you to heal + be inspired. I highly recommend Aiden!”

-Elissa Shoreman

“I started coming to Aiden Seraphim after he cured my wife’s leg/back problems, which had continued for over 6 months and were becoming debilitating. He has been treating me due to a stroke I had in 2006. I can see & feel steady improvement with every session. I highly recommend Aiden; he is a true professional.”

-Henry Longmire

“For months I had constant, terrible leg pain that had been treated by a chiropractor, general practitioner, an osteopath, a yoga massage therapist and nothing brought me relief. Then my osteopath actually recommended that I try acupuncture. I looked around in the area and found Aiden Seraphim who has helped me tremendously. I cannot say enough good things about him and his treatment. Within five weeks my constant leg pains were almost gone. Aiden treats the whole person; he talks with you thoroughly to learn about you and he checks your pulses etc.to figure out where the problem lies. Then he applies needles or/and oils, all in a very relaxed and soothing atmosphere. His treatment is good for body and soul and I keep on going to him just to stay in good health.”

Eva Maria Lee

“My experience with Aiden has been phenomenal. I have had tightness in my knee for years which I attribute to an active youth spent skateboarding and snowboarding. My first month of treatments with Aiden have really loosened up that knee and his emphasis on treating the whole person has helped with other ailments I wasn’t even aware of!”
-Jay Buccafusca

“Aiden really goes above and beyond when taking care of his people. He is gifted in what he does and it really shows. You can just feel his passion when you’re at the center. Thank you Aiden for all you do, I’m grateful to have you in my corner to help me get through this crazy thing we call LIFE! Love & appreciate you!”

-Britta Johnson

“Aiden has a gift! I have seen many acupuncturists, but I have never had results like I have experienced under his care. Aiden has the depth of skill and intuitive knowing that makes his work better than great. I highly recommend him!”

-Sean Carey

“I have recently started with Aiden on a journey back too health..He has helped me manage the unpleasant symptoms of coming off of medications and getting back too being on a path to wellness.. I even now believe in the power of our bodies to be able too heal with his help. I am better able to handle stress, am learning to breathe, sleeping better and not experiencing the digestive complaints I used to.”

– Kim Dodier

“I have been working with Aiden for a year and the results are steady progress. After years of avoiding some health issues I now see regular shifts and peeling back of layers that allow me to move to a next level of healing. Aiden performs his work with warmth, thoughtfulness, humor and above all a commitment to helping one make progress in the work they bring to him. He is well worth a visit.”

-Kate VanDine