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Transform Your EmotionsDo you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, or unable to identify or connect with what you are feeling? Have you always wondered why it is you feel things so strongly, or what the best way is to handle difficult emotions? If you have ever wondered about these things and what their impact is on your overall health and well being this short eBook, “Transforming Our Emotions,” can help. You will be introduced to a way that emotions can be worked with that helps you to transform your emotions and empowers you to greater health and wellbeing.



  • Learn how our emotions actually contain great power and information that can help us look at and make important changes in our lives.
  • Begin to identify and make the connection between your emotional state and physical discomfort.
  • Realize that emotions = energy, all of our emotions are simply different qualities of energy.
  • The Chinese created a whole system of medicine that linked specific emotions to different organ systems in the body and energetics in nature.
  • You deserve to start living your highest and best self starting now!

To learn more about how to work with difficult emotions check out this link to an article written by Pema Chodron called, “Stay with the Soft Spot of Bodhichitta”.


“Aiden really goes above and beyond when taking care of his people. He is gifted in what he does and it really shows. You can just feel his passion when you’re at the center. Thank you Aiden for all you do, I’m grateful to have you in my corner to help me get through this crazy thing we call LIFE! Love & appreciate you!”

-Britta Johnson

“Aiden has a gift! I have seen many acupuncturists, but I have never had results like I have experienced under his care. Aiden has the depth of skill and intuitive knowing that makes his work better than great. I highly recommend him!”

-Sean Carey