• What Our Patients Say

    “Aiden has been an integral part of my healing process from many years of chronic pain and migraines. I would highly recommend going to see him. He’s a sincere, wonderful person and great at what he does. I had tried acupuncture briefly 10 years ago with no improvement. This experience has been completely different. Overall I feel better, have fewer migraines, better digestion, and a better mood. With no negative side effects!”- Diana Faust

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  • Feel better now with Transformational Acupuncture!

    It’s time to say goodbye to the long list of physical and mental health issues that are keeping you from being your best Self, every day. Acupuncture treatments can help you release what’s blocking you, and bring you back into balance. Acupuncture works but it is also what you do when you return to your daily life that is most important. I will coach and support you in creating healthier habits and implementing them into your life in a way that feels supportive and achievable. It is though consistency over time that we create lifelong transformational changes that span across all aspects of our experience, not only bringing better physical health but emotionally and spiritually as well.

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  • Get Wellness Tips

    Check out our blog where we will regularly post tips to help you along your journey to wellness and balance! Some topics include:Working with Emotions, Vulnerability, Acceptance, Nutrition and Meditation.

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  • Neuro Emotional Technique

    Neuro Emotional Technique or NET is a modality that allows us to release emotions (bio-chemical precesses) that have become trapped within our body. These can lead to chronic stress, anxiety, and pain conditions, as well as more severe conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Our emotions have a natural cycle they go through. Much like inflammation they can generally be moved through and processed in a fairly short period of time when they are acknowledged and honored. However we tend to suppress, avoid, deny and create stories around our emotional experiences that interferes with this cycle and causes them to become trapped. NET helps us to identify the meridian that has been impacted by the emotion, the specific emotion involved and allows us a pathway for that emotion to be released. NET is not talk therapy but it can help us to quickly get to the root of difficult experiences and pinpoint quickly where it is we can let go. Once we release an emotion it can free us to have a deeper more easeful relationship with ourselves and others!

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  • Meditation

    Meditation is powerful and can feel wonderful – an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of life. But practicing on a regular basis is even better, and relaxation is just the tip of the iceberg. Meditation teaches us how to begin staying with our experience exactly as it is. Call us at (978) 701-5125 and start discovering a deeper connection to yourself.

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  • Upcoming Events

    We offer classes, workshops and retreats focused on providing practical, powerful tools you can immediately incorporate into your life to help you become your very best Self!

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"Our bodies have an extraordinary capacity to heal themselves when we take a holistic mind-body approach. Everything is always seeking a state of balance whether we are aware of it or not. Balance equals health. Our services are focused on getting to the root of imbalance, changing the habits that are contributing to these imbalances, cleaning up the damage and helping to alleviate symptoms in the process."
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“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

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Each individual is unique and so each treatment is specialized just for you. Our emotional state impacts our health and the state of our health can have a major impact on our emotional well-being. It is all connected! Many of us have accumulated a lifetime of layered emotions and stories that are seriously impacting our health and limiting our vitality. Using acupuncture and other modalities can begin to unwind and release these layers, freeing your nervous system and returning your body to a state of health and ease.

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Cupping Massage

You might think the ancient practice of cupping massage looks a bit strange and wonder how it would feel – but it’s one of the most useful tools you can use to open your flow of energy and promote healing. Cupping massage works by using glass jars to create a partial vacuum on the skin either using heat or suction. It can help break up adhesions, promote blood flow to your muscles and even release toxins through the skin. Cupping has even been used to help assist people suffering from asthma and to break up congestion in the chest and lungs.

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Meditation feels wonderful – an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of life. Our breath is a powerful tool that is available to us whenever we need it. All that is required is our awareness and a few minutes every day. When we use our breath consciously it opens up the flow of energy in our bodies, calms our nervous system and releases tension. Research has shown that there are even physical benefits to meditation like: improved sleep, pan control, benefits the brain, and can even reduce blood pressure. An added benefit is that you can do it anywhere!

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Essential Oils

It’s amazing how powerful our sense of smell is, and even more astonishing how a scent can impact mood and bring back memories. Essential oils can be used in many different Holistic Medicine practices to promote emotional and physical well-being. When you use an essential oil on an acupuncture point the benefits are even greater! Essential oils can be used to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, relax muscles, ease pain and even reduce varicose veins. When you use them safely essential oils are a powerful addition to any wellness practice.


What is a Holistic Health Practitioner?

Are you tired of feeling sick, stressed, and worn out? Have you realized that just bandaging symptoms isn’t working? Our bodies and lives are filled with unlimited potential to learn, grow, and heal… but only when we begin to prioritize our own wellness. A holistic health practitioner can help. Learn more Read about the benefits of Chinese Medicine.


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Many of you have a WordPress administrator username set as Admin because when you install for the first time on your machine you stuck with this default username.
Many of you have a WordPress administrator username set as Admin because when you install for the first time on your machine you stuck with this default username.