Holistic Medicine
for a balanced life

Holistic Medicine
for a balanced life.

“bringing eastern medicine to a western world."
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Healing and Hope through Holistic medicine.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” - Thomas Edison

It’s not just anyone who goes looking for help from a practitioner using holistic medicine.  Whether your body is aching, your mind is frazzled, or your heart just feels like there’s a disconnect somewhere, you will discover an important truth: It’s all connected.

It’s likely that you’ve heard the same recommendations from western medicine doctors over and over. Take this pill; try to reduce your stress levels; let’s run some more blood tests; let’s schedule an appointment with a therapist. Maybe nothing’s coming up abnormal, or maybe you’ve gotten an alarming diagnosis. Either way, you know it’s time to really start taking care of yourself like never before.

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Holistic Health Practitioners

Acupuncture for


In addition to our transformational acupuncture we also offer various add-ons, enhancements, and modalities.
Aroma Acupoint Therapy

We combine acupressure with specific essential oils on acupuncture points to increase the therapeutic effect of the energetic and chemical message within the essential oils.

Neuro Emotional Technique

NET is a modality that allows us to release emotions (bio-chemical precesses) that have become trapped within our body. These can lead to chronic stress, anxiety, and pain conditions, and more severe conditions.


Create an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of life. Our breath is a powerful tool that is available to us whenever we need it. All that is required is our awareness and a few minutes every day.

Cupping Massage

Glass jars are used to create a partial vacuum on the skin either using heat or suction. The suction helps to create localized congestion and to open and facilitate the flow of energy along your body’s meridians.

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holistic mind-body approach

Are you tired of feeling sick, stressed, and worn out? Have you realized that just bandaging symptoms isn’t working? Our bodies and lives are filled with unlimited potential to learn, grow, and heal… but only when we begin to prioritize our own wellness. Book an appointment to start healing, today.
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Gentle transformation

Why Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture?

Using the therapeutic modalities of Eastern Medicine, restoring balance and harmony can be a powerful process of transformation. Just like a tree has roots and branches, disease has a spot of origin within us that allows it to grow – and an outward manifestation of what is growing. Tending to the branches alone leaves the root intact.

Eastern Medicine looks at the whole person, making healing of the whole person possible. That’s the focus of Heart Centered Transformational Wellness in Costa Mesa. Here, we serve clients who want to live as whole, healthy, and happy people; free from pain, emotional distress, and chronic disease.


What our clients say

Often the best way to discover if a practitioner may be a good fit for you is through testimonials left by others who have had a positive experience. Read below to learn more about some of my successful patient experiences.

"I will start by sharing that I have had a misconception of what acupuncture was and how it worked. I explained my fears, and my apprehensions when I came in. Right away during the first session, Aiden put me at ease. I have been seeing Aiden for nearly 2 years since. I see Aiden multiple times per month. My first visit was to help my shoulder. I felt improvement on my shoulder in our first session. Since then Aiden has taught me so much about the immune system, nutrition, how to manage my stress, and has managed to help keep me healthy through my intense Obstacle Course Race Training and Trail Running. I believe firmly that these sessions with Aiden have lead to some of my bigger victories in racing. I feel like I get a whole body and brain tune up every time I go in. My treatments with Aiden have become a staple of my healing. I highly recommend Aiden to my friends and family, and all my personal training clients. Don’t wait until you HAVE to go see someone like Aiden, take care of yourself proactively and book an appointment.”

Josh Graves

“Aiden is amazing. I originally went to him for hot flashes which we we were able to get resolved but have since worked on so many other things… everything from joint pain to gallbladder issues to immune support. His approach to health and wellness is so much more than just acupuncture. I will be going to Aiden for a long time to come!”

Tami Broderick

“I first saw Aiden because I was on day 6 of a migraine and nothing was helping the pain. After that first visit my migraine that was at an 8 out of 10 when I arrived was at a 3 when I left. I have continues to see Aiden regularly over the last 8 weeks and my migraines went from 3-4 times a month and lasting 4-6 days to 1 time and lasted 2 days. He has also helped me with emotional stuff, back pain, menstrual cramps and more. I highly recommend Aiden if you are looking for acupuncture, cupping, holistic healing. He is kind, really listens and is very helpful across the board.”

Nicole P.

Aiden is truly a healer. He is a kind and gentle soul who puts you at ease during your path to wellness. The powers of acupuncture is amazing. Aiden was able to help me feel worlds better after cancer treatment. I found a lot of value in his whole body approach, his recommendations for diet and lifestyle change Really Made a big difference along side my acupuncture.

Emily Dexter

"I can’t say enough good things about Aiden. He has changed my life. I had severe reactions to food do to SIBO (small intestine Bacteria Overgrowth ) which added many complications to my life. I hardly ate anymore because of the pain, as an athlete it made it very hard to keep stamina and muscle to preform well due to lack of nutrients and nutrient absorption. Woke up with headaches everyday, needing to take a nap just hours after 9+ hours of sleep ... I was in true hell. Thanks to Aiden I have been able to eat most things, sleep well, little no stomach pain but still working on it , more energy, no head aches, stress levels are manageable and learning how to maintain that. Overall worth seeing him!"

Alexis Cohea

“I started going to see Aiden for my shoulder. I went in for my shoulder and left my first visit not feeling some relief of discomfort, but with relief of so many other things emotionally that contributed to how I had been feeling physically otherwise. Though i still see him now for my ankle and knees, in parallel to helping me heal injuries, he has helped me with me. Anywhere from sleep habits, to relaxation, with stress and everyday nuances that take can take a toll He just knows what to do.”

Lety Gaumer