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I will coach and support you in creating healthier habits and implementing them into your life in a way that feels supportive and achievable.
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Meet Dr. Aiden

My name is Dr. Aiden, I decided to become an acupuncturist because I had a profound healing experience. I was in my 20's and had been trying a lot of different things to transform my life, but nothing had really moved the needle. Then I tried acupuncture and it was like all these pieces came together. Like the right combination in the safe suddenly clicked.

My acupuncturist commented that when he needled one of the points on me, he saw a flash of light go through the room. The trauma inside me moved and I felt so much freedom. It was then that I finally felt like I could make a profound change in my life. It had accessed me physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. It was just a few sessions, but that was enough to create a huge transformational shift.

I had been on track to be a mental health therapist but then I shifted gears at that point. Immediately after that I enrolled into acupuncture school. I have always been drawn to working with babies and kids, cancer patients and helping people emotionally heal from trauma.

I am passionate about learning and have a thirst for knowledge that can help both in my own personal growth and also other people in their own healing journey. This is what inspired me to pursue my doctorate in acupuncture. I feel called to teach; not just my patients, but other healers as well.

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Are you tired of feeling sick, stressed, and worn out? Have you realized that just bandaging symptoms isn’t working? Our bodies and lives are filled with unlimited potential to learn, grow, and heal… but only when we begin to prioritize our own wellness. Book an appointment to start healing, today.
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Driven by a Passion to Use Holistic Medicine to Help People

As one of Aiden’s clients, you’ll benefit from his love of learning. He participates in continuing education, so he’s always on top of developments in the world of Holistic Medicine. He completed a year long Master Healer program focusing on Five Element theory and essential oils in healing trauma and mental/emotional challenges in 2017.

He has undergone extensive nutritional training using a whole food plant based approach. Aiden spent years practicing and learning meditation as well as shamanic healing techniques and energy healing approaches. His thirst for understanding and passion for healing also spur his commitment to personal growth. Aiden completed his Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Health Sciences in December 2020.

While not working with his clients, you might find him meditating, participating in a spiritual community, attending meditation retreats, traveling the world, enjoying nature, and cooking healthy food.