Embracing the Uncomfortable and Scary Places Within

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Aiden Seraphim

Generally most of us do not run towards what is uncomfortable or scary. Instead, often we respond to these feelings either by looking for someone to blame or reaching into our bag of 10,000 distractions and selecting our favorite. Last week I found myself feveriously searching for a new car online, Somehow I got it into my head that my perfectly functioning car was not safe or good enough for a New England winter. I got so swept away that I dragged my parter all over the Boston area seeking something that I didn't even really need. Luckily for me, the Universe shot me down quickly and I was able to wake up to see that I had been running from a deep underlying feeling of fear and lack I didn't want to face.We are not taught to stay with difficult emotions and yet all of us experience them in one way or another. One of the best gifts meditation has given me is more space and more ability to stay.

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