Growing Through Our Mistakes

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Aiden Seraphim

Growth and change are not always pretty

Growth can often be a painful, slow, and tedious process. Our mistakes are usually what motivates us to change our ways. Often they are fuel for our growth. For many reasons, most of us learn through pain. Partly this is evolutionary, the way our brains have been wired to create deep grooves of habit. On the other hand, I think pain can crack our hearts open enough to allow tenderness and inspiration through.

So many of us are afraid to make mistakes or admit our vulnerability

We grew up in a culture that rewards the illusion of perfection, invincibility, and knowing the answer to everything. As a result, on a global, local, and personal level people have become trapped in patterns that leave us stuck. Stuck in jobs that drain our energy. We get stuck in relationships that don't serve us or the other person. Stuck in addictions of all kinds that suck our vitality and leave our bodies suffering.

What we need during these times is love

Most of us live with a judge and critic inside our heads. Instead of staying with the discomfort of our situation, we tend to get stuck in cycles of judgment and blame. Projection and deflection become our tactics of protection. What we think is keeping us safe actually ensures that we will stay stuck. Eventually, this way of life robs us of our power and any connection to our hearts.

The beauty is that it is never too late to forgive ourselves and to forgive others

No matter how many times you have made the same mistake, it is possible to change. When we can be preset with ourselves, bring our awareness to the heart, breathe into the pain, create space, and soften around it we create a crack where light gets in. Over time, with patience and love we grow, we heal. It isn't easy, but it is one of the most beautiful and meaningful practices I have ever experienced.

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