The Practice of Surrender

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The struggle is real when we resist the process unfolding in our lives. There is something infinitely wise working its magic behind the scenes. Most of the time we find ourselves disconnected from this, caught in a battle within our own mind and body. I think this comes from wanting things our way. Wanting things to happen our way is a part of the age-old struggle for control. This struggle is, in some way hard wired into our brain. Most of the time we are on auto-pilot playing out old patterns and survival strategies. The problem is that at a certain point all of these things stop working and we find ourselves at a crossroads. Will we continue fighting the flow of life or will we let go and surrender into the great unknown?

How do we surrender when every part of us is grasping for ground, for a sense of certainty, some understanding we can claim as our own? I find that slowing down and taking intentional, deep, full belly breaths helps. If we can catch ourselves in a moment where we are caught resisting some part of our experience, notice and use our breath to let go, then an opening happens. At first, we may forget to do this most of the time. This practice requires gentleness, patience, and kindness towards ourselves and others.

Sometimes the momentum of our resistance is just too great and trying to anchor ourselves with the breath feels beyond our reach. When this happens, I find adding a simple mantra that we repeat as we try and find our breath can be helpful. Perhaps, as we breathe in we say I, and as we exhale we say surrender? Find a statement that works for you and try it. You can also try starting your day with 5 minutes of meditation. I use this as a chance to say a prayer and set my intention for the day. May I be empty to receive the guidance and gifts that life has in store for me? Or, please make me hallow like bamboo so that you may play me like an instrument for love.

When we begin to surrender to the natural flow of our lives then magic truly starts happening. The act of surrender creates openings that allow insight, clarity, and opportunities to manifest. We become more available to life. Over time we begin to develop more trust in the process and start to notice the perfection of our experience. Our lives start to feel easier. We wake up to the realization that surrender is the key to unlocking a dynamic dance within us. There is a force at work in our lives that will take us exactly where we need to be at the right time. Take a deep breath and relax into the unfolding.

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