You Are More Powerful Than You Can Imagine!

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If you could have any life or experience you can imagine what would it be? If you could feel or believe anything about yourself, what would that look like for you? These questions might sounds luxurious or like a pipe dream that only a select few are lucky enough to be granted but what if they weren't? What if you knew that within you is the power of creation? Would you make different choices? Would you take more risks? Would you invest more in yourself?

The thing is, we do contain the power of creation within ourselves. Every day and every moment you are either consciously or unconsciously creating your reality based on the thoughts you choose. Like a gardener, you are planting seeds with each thought and each belief. The reason we don't know this, is that it takes time for our thoughts and beliefs to grow. Each day we are laying down pathways in our brain. These pathways become deeper and deeper grooves over time until we wake up one day and find ourself in the habit of worry, or the habit of self-doubt, or the habit of judgement.

What can we do when we wake up and find ourselves stuck in limiting thoughts and beliefs? Sometimes it can feel hopeless and overwhelming. Do you criticize and judge yourself when you realize you have created a crappy story or do you use the power of awareness and forgiveness to step into personal responsibility and make a different choice going forward? When we wake up to the realization that we have been feeding something that doesn't serve us we can choose to stop feeding it and start creating the intention and plan for what our heart really desires?

In the beginning this takes a little effort. Like a gardener we have to begin catching and cutting back our habitual thinking patterns and reactions. At the same time we need to replace them with the seeds of what we want to begin creating for ourselves. Every day we continue to water these seeds through our intention. Life either happens to us, as we unconsciously create stories from our past experiences or we choose to tap into the power of our creative potential everyday. This takes practice, it takes patience and it takes a lot of unconditional love and forgiveness. The choice is ours.

Remember, beginnings are almost always the hardest part. We need the most effort and consistency when we are creating a new habit but once we begin creating momentum the experience of designing your own life can be playful and fun. Start today! Catch yourself when you are beginning down the habitual pathway of worry, honor and acknowledge that you have the awareness to see what is going on and choose to stop it. No thank you, not today! Then replace it with something higher, with a new perspective that allows you to move in the direction of creating the experience that you want to have. Reinforce that new experience with a feeling of gratitude for the ability to choose something different!

When you can't catch yourself and you wake up far down the rabbit hole, take a deep breath, forgive yourself and from that place start the process of creating what you really want. Do this over and over again and you will wake up one day to find yourself living the life of your dreams!

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