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What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture?

It’s time to say goodbye to the long list of physical & mental health issues that are keeping you from being your best self, every single day. From aches and pains to poor sleep, digestive issues, distraction and depression, acupuncture treatments can help you release what’s blocking you, and bring you back into balance.

What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture

In the expert hands of an acupuncturist, a set of tiny needles can bring you extraordinary relief, restoring the unrestricted energy flow through your meridians. Acupuncture works on your body’s signaling systems, primarily the nervous system to bring you back into balance and comfort with an unrestricted flow of energy.

Acupuncture can help with many medical conditions, including:

  • Anxiety, stress, sleep problems, and irritability
  • Digestive issues including ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Respiratory problems including environmental allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and sinusitis
  • Gynecological issues including menopause, PMS, and painful or irregular periods
  • Cardiovascular challenges ranging from hypertension to high cholesterol, heart palpitations, and high blood pressure
  • Immune system challenges such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lyme disease, Lupus, cancer, MS, and HIV/AIDS
  • Neurological issues ranging from neuralgia and stroke residuals to Parkinson’s disease and more
  • Pregnancy care including pre-and post-partum care, labor, and delivery
  • Withdrawal symptoms from addiction to nicotine, alcohol, food, prescription and over the counter drugs
  • Muscle pain from past injuries, muscle weakness and cramps, mobility issues, and fibromyalgia
  • Infertility issues in men and women, hormone balancing
  • Emotional and psychological concerns from depression to listlessness, anxiety, and unhappiness

How Does Acupuncture Work?

During your first appointment at Heart Centered Transformational Wellness in Costa Mesa, Aiden Seraphim will spend a while asking you questions about your body, your primary concerns, goals and objectives, any pain you feel, and about your mental, physical health and vitality. Next, we’ll spend time identifying the areas where your body has blockages that are contributing to pain, stress, and discomfort. Aiden will then work with you to determine lifestyle and dietary habits that are contributing to your imbalances. Having identified these causes we will put together a step by step plan to help you make small micro adjustments that over time can lead to a whole life transformation.

After creating a lifestyle plan & identifying the points that are blocked, we will begin treatment with the needles, with the goal of restoring the flow of energy in your body. You’ll feel a bit of pressure as the needles go in, but most clients say it is not painful at all. It might feel a little itchy, tingly, or warm which means we have accessed some Qi or a point that was blocked.

What Are the Benefits of AcupunctureWhat To Expect During an Acupuncture Appointment

Plan in hand, the next step is taking your pulse, looking at your tongue, and then palpating your body. The information gathered during this exam will help us identify which acupuncture points on your body will be most helpful in your treatment. We may use essential oils, cupping, electo-acupuncture, neuro emotional technique, or moxibustion to augment your treatment if needed, making sure you’re comfortable every step of the way.

Acupuncture Services in Costa Mesa, California

If you’ve been suffering from dis-ease in your body or mind, now is the best time to make a change. The transformative effects of acupuncture can help restore you to the energetic, balanced, and active person you worried you might never be again. With the compassionate, gentle care you’ll receive at Heart Centered Transformational Wellness, you’ll find just what you’re seeking.

Click or call 978-701-5125 today to schedule an acupuncture appointment, and let’s take the first step toward feeling good in your body, mind, and spirit together.

“Aiden has helped me through anxiety, lupus and severe leg and back pain. I am able to function as a normal human being after my treatments. I would recommend Aiden for anyone who is having any issues with anxiety and difficult emotions that lead to physical problems. He has truly helped me become a better person. Check it out, your life will get better!”

-Norri Schmidt Hanbrecht